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No memory is allocated for uninitialized registers, unlike standard uninitialized variables. This reduces the space advantage of unsafe variables. 6 In principle, all uninitialized variables can be transformed into uninitialized registers. 4) only a subset is transformed [153]. The trade-off with last call optimization has not yet been studied quantitatively. Figure 9 shows the Aquarius intermediate codes (kernel Prolog and BAM code) and the SPARC code generated for append/3 in naive reverse. See Figures 3 and 4 for the Prolog source code and WAM code.

The nodes in the graph partition the tests occurring in the predicate. Each node corresponds to a subset of these tests. Unifications are only used as tests if it can be deduced from the predicate’s type information that they will be executed in read mode. The type enrichment transformation adds type information to a predicate that lacks it. The performance of the resulting code is therefore always at least as good as first-argument selection. The factoring transformation allows the system to take advantage of tests on variables inside of terms, by performing the term unification once for all occurrences of the term.

Its syntax and semantics have become a de facto standard, for several reasons. It is close to the Edinburgh syntax and is highly compatible with C-Prolog. It was the first widely known commercial system. , SICStus Prolog) were designed to be compatible with it. The pending ISO standard for Prolog [122] will most likely be close in syntax and semantics to the current behavior of Quintus. Quintus Computer Systems was founded in 1984 in Palo Alto, California. It is currently called Quintus Corporation, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intergraph Corporation.

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