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Qb8+ White got off the hook. Karpov does not allow Black to consolidate his position. Had the black rook taken up the f5-square, White would have been in trouble. 1/2-1/2 A fighting draw. Kasparov did his best. He build up some pressure and posed problems to his opponent, but did not manage to extract his predecessor on the champion’s throne from a drawing shell. Anatoly Yevgenievich is a very solid player after all. Be3. Ng4 line. Qb6! This move has become very popular lately. Black dislodges the white knight from the center.

White has good winning chances. The center is under Shirov’s control. Black’s f8-knight is misplaced. Judit should not have transferred it to this square. Ne8! With this petite combination White is winning the exchange. Rxb6! Qf4 All the rest is smooth sailing for Shirov. Rc1! Kg4! Such a stroll under fire is a piece of cake for Alexei. Rd2 The immediate exchange of the queens would have resulted in White’s losing his h2-pawn. Qg4 By precise (and well-known) moves, White stops Black from castling.

18…d5! The b7-bishop aims at the e4-pawn. It is time to get into action. e5!? Bravo, Judit! This e5-pawn sacrifice is aimed at blocking the center. Viorel Bologan (one of the apologists of this system on the white side) has played this way in his recent games. Kasparov: Correct: otherwise White is slightly worse. f4 Here we go. The b7-bishop is having a tedious time, whereas the e5-square is under White’s control. It is time to launch an attack on the black king. Ne4! ) A serious mistake. Rhf1 White has sufficient compensation for the pawn, though there is nothing really dangerous for Black.

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2001 Linares

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