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F6 weakens my position and allows his Queen to enter CL. Rdc1! There is nothing that Black can do against the plan of Rc8, Rac1, Rxd8 and Rc8. Rac1 [After the game Boris pointed out the alternative and very pretty winning line. Bb6! 04 – Blogger: IM Cyrus Lakdawala NooooOOOOOOoooOOOOOOOOO!!!!! That didn't go to well today. Gulko's opening prep killed me. I think he only played 5 or 6 moves. Everything else was worked out before the game. Blogger: 2003 Women's Champion Anna Hahn Page 56 / 104 2005 US Chess Championship Today I had a nice attack for a pawn and managed to win.

Blogger: Tatiana Vayserberg Hello to my friends and my husband Alex and my son Constantin. San Diego is nice and the chess is nice. But the results not so nice so far. Today I was completely winning but I panicked. Qxa3 it would be very easy. Rgd8 and Black is okay, but in time trouble I blundered into checkmate. I hope next game I will win! Blogger: IM Renier Gonzalez Hi, I want to send greetings to all my friends and also to my family. My game from the 4th round was one of Page 57 / 104 2005 US Chess Championship those that we prefer to forget.

He made a mistake in an unclear position and allowed me a very nice queen sacrifice. Qxf7+ :-) My quickest game was in 45 moves and 5 hours before today. I had very tough 7-hour games yesterday and the day before yesterday. Now I am very happy with my win and I have a good mood before the day off. Page 43 / 104 2005 US Chess Championship Blogger: FM Michael Casella Uno, dos, tres, uh I don't know Spanish. I am now well ahead of Shirazi's worst performance in a US championship. He had scored a total of 1/2 a long time ago and that was against Dzindzi who was offering draws to everyone.

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