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Although after 35 Mb1 all the same White would achieve his aim: 35 ... e5 36 a5 Mc5 37 ct:Jc3 Mxb1 38 ct:Jxb1 ct:Je6 39 ct:Jd2 and wins. 35 Md3! With the idea of Mc3 (35 Md6 Mc2 is less convincing). The exchange of a pair of rooks deprives Black of his saving hopes. 35 ... ~h7 After 35 ... ct:Je6 there would have followed 36 Md6 Mxd6 37 ct:Jxd6 - Black is unable both to defend his weakened kingside, and to prevent the advance of the apawn: 37... Mb2 38 a5 l:ta2 39 a6 ~h7 40 Me7 ct:Jd8 41 Md7 ct:Jc6 42 ct:Je8 Mxa6 43 Mxg7+ ~h6 44 Mf7.

D4, obtaining a rook endgame with an extra pawn. gS 32 fxgS hxgS 33 tiJd2 g4! f8 would have been quite sufficient for a draw. However, 29 ... Wd6 also does not place Black under threat of defeat. It is another matter that many of his moves in this stage of the game, as Tal put it, 'bear the stamp of a shortage of time'. 30 e4 (otherwise there is nothing to hope for) 30 ... g5 Black is intending ... e6-eS and with this aim he avoids the possible blockade of his g-pawn after 30 ... eS (30 ... b6?

7 ... 0-0 If 7 ... ct::Je4 there can follow 8 'lWb3 ct::Jxc3 9 bxc3 ct::Jc6 (9 ... ) 10 ct::Jd2! e6 11 ~a3, hindering somewhat Black's harmonious development (Karpov-Gelfand, 2nd match game, Sanghi Nagar 1995). Even so, the exchange on c3 (ct::Jxc3 bxc3) is to his advantage, just as the exchange on c6 (ct::Jxc6 bxc6) is to the advantage of White, as a result of which White began to prefer the move order 7 0-0 0-0 8 ct::Je5!. 8 ... e6 90-0 8ct::Jes! The only way, since 8 0-0 ct::Je4! eases Black's defence: now he need not fear 9 'lWb3 ct::Jc6 (the source game: Colle-Euwe, 4th match game, Zutphen 1924), 9 ct::Je5 ct::Jxc3 (the desired exchange), 9 ct::Jxe4 dxe4 10 ct::Je5 40 In a game with Timman played before the match (Bugojno 1986) Karpov continued 9 ~g5 ~6 10 'iVd2, but after 10 ...

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