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Kd3 (bringing the King nearer to create a mating situation) 10. Kb2 11. Kd2 K b l 12. R b 3 + K a l 13. Kc2 Ka2 14. Rh3! (a waiting move. Black is in zugzwang) 14. Kal 15. R a 3 + - K Exercise (see Diagram 52). White to play and mate in three moves. fa'! Diagram 91 Mate by Two Bishops Two Bishops can declare mate the King into a corner. Diagram 53 Diagram by pushing 54 By their concerted actions W h i t e ' s King and Bishops on joint diagonals create a barrier which Black's King cannot cope with.

Q f 4 + The Queen has to be sacrificed to achieve, after 3. Bxf4 gxf4, at least a draw, but ... 3. g 2 - g 3 + ! Qxg3 4. B x g 3 + + . Thus, in the position in Diagram 42 the unhappy situation of Black's King makes the Queen weaker than the Bishop. This example is not intended to shake your faith in the comparative values of chessmen set forth above. They are correct and you can boldly depend on them in play. But rules have their exceptions. While gradually perfecting your play you will learn to see the special features of every position more clearly, evaluate the strength of the pieces and Pawns with greater finesse, and discover remarkable exceptions like the one just cited.

One of the opponents,- seeing that Diagram 31 mate is inevitable, resigns, admitting his defeat. In notation the sign for checkmate i s + + . Diagram 31 shows a typical example of a mate by the Queen under the defence of the King. Black's King cannot capture the Queen that declared mate since it would fall under the attack of White's King. At the same time the White Queen on the d7 square deprives the opposing King of all the squares for retreat (c8, c7, e7, e8). Diagram 32 In Diagram 32 we see a typical example of mate on the last rank.

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