By Gary Lane

ISBN-10: 0713480106

ISBN-13: 9780713480108

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Mark the way in which the Black P prevents the R from effective intervention in the main variation, and how, on this R moving to d, threatening to pin the White Q, the attempt is thwarted. In 230 there is a recurrence to two long-shot movements of the Q—straight down the file and then to the full extent of the diagonal the foot of which is thus reached. We recall a problem by the late G. J. Slater, which completed the inverted N movement. It appears to have been lost with so many other of his really fine works.

PDpDW} {WDWDWDWD} {DWDkDWDW} {WDWDWDWD} {DKDPDPDW} {WDWDWDND} {gWDWDWDW} vllllllllV Mate in two 48. WDWDWDW} {WhWHWDWD} {DW)W$WDW} {WhWiWDWD} {DWDWDWDK} {pDPDWDWD} {DWDWDWDW} vllllllllV Mate in two 49. } {DWDrDWDW} vllllllllV Mate in two 50. WD} {DWDpDW0W} {WDWDpDWD} {DWDWiWDW} {P$WDWDPD} {4WDpDWDW} {pHWDnDBg} {DWDWDWDW} vllllllllV Mate in two 5. cuuuuuuuuC {bDnDWDWD} {DWDQDWDW} {W)W0WDpI} {$WGkDWHW} {WDpDWDr0} {DWDW$P0P} {BDWgWDPD} {DNDWDWDW} vllllllllV Mate in two 58 chess problems made easy 52.

F. WG} {dWIWdWDW} {wdWDwDWD} {DwDWDWDW} vllllllllV Mate in two 3 mands the attention of composer and solver alike. The threat is far from obvious, and mental analysis before reading further (the position being placed on the board) will form a splendid little exercise and test of progress. The first point to observe is the aloofness of Black’s real defence in the right-hand top corner, and the fact that there is no reason to fear a discovered check from the Black R at c8. Then we see that S at e5 almost anywhere would mate but for the Black B at g7 which, by pinning the S, makes what would at the outset be a fatal check impossible.

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