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Varied ebrcats, Hence his first move: I ... K R-K I He attacks the XC P, which irnmubilises White's Knight and compels White to make a defensive move. 2 Q-Q3 White brings back his Q into his lines, but in so doing he relieves his pressure on Black's 9 B P and restores to the bhck Queen her freedom of action, A move such as 2 P-K B 3, which will sooner or later have io be played, would be preferable. A player who is at a disadva~ktagein point of time should keep up any available threat. * 3 A fresh threat, 3 p-I3 J Black's first attack is at an end.

Dck on the Q P must be accompanied by a threat. The move 3-Q Kt 5, is indicated; not anly is the Q P attacked three times, but one of the supporting Knights is under fire as well, and remains pinned if the other Knight moves away. Thus the Q P falls and the positional advantage turns into an advantage in material. However, there are certain objections. Black will simply abandon his Q P, opening a diagonal far his K B. He then remains with two Bishops, the Q B occupying the long diagonal, with the threat of a possible K side attack.

THE STAGES OF THE MIDDX,E GAME THEmiddle game Eorms a complete whole, distinct from the opening and the end game which are subject to laws of their own. In spite of this fundamental unity, the middle game itself is divided into three well defined parts. These are the middle game proper, and the transition from the opening into the middle game and from the middle game into the end erne. In the first of these transitory passages the tribulations of the preceding phase still weigh heady, and in the last the cares and tribulations of the forthcoming end game must be taken into account, Common sense tells us that these intcrmcdiatc: nranmuvrts must be studied before we concentrate on the complete analysis of the middle game.

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