By Anne Welsbacher

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25 Lincoln, Mary Todd (wife) 5, 13, 16, 28 Lincoln-Douglas debates 18, 19 M March to the Sea 25 McClellan, George B. 21 Mexican War 16 military conscription 23 military service 11 Morrill Act 22 R Rathbone, Henry R. 28 Reconstruction 28 Republican party 18, 19, 28 S Scott, Winfield 21 Sherman, William T. S.

Execute - to put to death in accordance with the law. ferry - to carry across a narrow body of water in a boat or other craft. House of Representatives - a group elected by Americans to help decide laws for the whole country; its members are called representatives. legislature - the lawmaking group of a state or country. A legislator is someone who makes and passes laws. militia - citizens trained for war or emergencies; the National Guard. 30 perish - to die. platform - a public statement of principles of a politician or political party.

S. Constitution. ban - to forbid or prohibit. border states - the states on the border between the North and the South. Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri were loyal to the North but still had slavery in the Civil War. campaign - an organized series of events to get a candidate elected to office. A campaign is also a series of military operations with a specific goal. candidate - a person who is seeking an office or position. circuit - a district assigned to a judge for holding court. commissioner - an official in charge of a government department.

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