By Keith Weiskamp

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Of course, in order to store the string, we must first allocate memory for it. We can declare a buffer statically as char buf [30] ; or we can allocate the memory dynamically with buf = malloc(30); In the first case, memory is allocated in the data section of a program, and in the second case, memory is allocated from the heap. Now, if we attempt to read in a string using one of the input functions such as gets gets (buf) ; and the user types in a string which is larger than the allocated memory space such as "This string contains more characters than allocated memory" the string will be stored in the allocated memory space; however, since the string is larger, it will extend the range of the allocated memory.

If the list does not exist, appendlst creates a new list and inserts the new element. Parameters : *s — pointer to the element to append 35 1 · The World of Turbo C key *lst — — the key for a given element a pointer to the list pointer */ Note here that both the arguments passed to the function and the value returned are well documented. In addition, we can quickly determine what this function does. When defining functions, you'll also find it helpful to make them as short and as focused as possible.

The last directive is iïpragma. This directive is considered an implementation-dependent directive. With ttpragma we can pass special messages to the Turbo C compiler. The form of ttpragma is #pragma message The message passed must be the name of one of the predefined directive names that is supported by Turbo C. If we attempt to pass an undefined directive name such as #pragma hello world the compiler will simply ignore the message. Turbo C supports two types of directive names: inline and warn.

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