By Alun Anderson

ISBN-10: 0061579076

ISBN-13: 9780061579073

An eye-opening examine the winners and losers within the high-stakes tale of Arctic transformation, from countries to natives to animals to the very panorama itself

The Arctic--like the canary within the coal mine--has reacted extra speedy and dramatically to worldwide warming than many had expected. enormous quantities of scientists are urgently attempting to are expecting simply how the Arctic will switch and the way these adjustments will in flip have an effect on the remainder of the planet. yet lots of folks, pushed by means of revenue instead of info, have an interest in addition. The riches of the world's final virgin territory have spurred the reawakening of outdated geopolitical rivalries. the U.S., Canada, Russia, Norway, and the Danish territory of Greenland all keep an eye on parts round the Arctic Ocean. we are facing a brand new period of oil rigs and drill ships, of tankers taking shortcuts from Yokohama to Rotterdam, in addition to a possible struggle over the Arctic's treasures.

Alongside the winners from an open Arctic sea are the numerous losers, from the nomadic reindeer herders of Siberia and Scandinavia to the Inuit hunters of Alaska, Greenland, and Canada. different creatures that depend on the sizeable expanses of sea ice, together with seals, birds, and whales--and the ecosystems during which they live--may disappear to get replaced through diversified creatures.

Combining technological know-how, company, politics, and adven-ture, Alun Anderson takes the reader to the ends of the earth for what could be the final narrative portrait of this swiftly altering land of exceptional worldwide importance.

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There were shock waves from the many explosions and collisions that made our planet’s earliest days so lively. Asteroids smacked into it and sent up waves of molten rock, thousands of feet tall. At one time scientists even believed that an enormous wave of this magma, created by intense solar tides, had swung off into space and become the moon. Although that particular theory is no longer considered true, it points to something that is: waves are the original primordial force. Anywhere there’s energy in motion there are waves, from the farthest corners of the universe down to the cells in your eyeball.

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