By Stephen Bodio

ISBN-10: 1629140554

ISBN-13: 9781629140551

Pigeons have been most likely the 1st birds to be domesticated, 6000 years in the past within the heart East, and feature been bred right into a multiplicity of types and hues unsuspected through these prevalent in simple terms with the standard birds of parks and barnyards. Bodio came across the pleasures of pigeon-keeping as a baby; during this affec tionate yet unsentimental memoir, he celebrates such varied points of the pastime as racing homing pigeons, breeding infrequent decorative types, and easily having fun with gazing his flock in flight. He additionally describes his reviews and relationships with a pleasant collection of fellow pigeon fans, an interesting crew of people. properly written, either pleasing and informative, this can be a delightful if maybe now not crucial addition to renowned normal historical past collections; its allure should not constrained to chicken fanatics.

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