By Ari Rebhun

ISBN-10: 9004183884

ISBN-13: 9789004183889

It is a thorough research of Israelis who dwell within the usa tracing their social and monetary mobility, their integration into the neighborhood Jewish neighborhood, in addition to their attachment to their domestic state.

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First, we distinguish between the Israel-born and those born in another country. Among the former, we define as Jews those whose language at home is Hebrew or Yiddish and whose ancestry is not Arab, Palestinian, or Armenian. We also define as Jews those whose language spoken at home is not Hebrew or Yiddish but also not Arabic or Armenian and whose ancestry is other than Arabic, Palestinian, or Armenian. A very small number of respondents cited Palestine, not Israel, as their country of birth. They are defined as Jews if they spoke Hebrew, Yiddish, or any language other than Arabic or Armenian at home and concurrently reported their ancestry as Israeli or other.

In order to deepen our understanding of the American Israelis’ characteristics, we classified them by their ethnic extractions. To this end, we first used information on ancestry. For those who did not indicate their ancestry and were not born in Israel, we determined ethnicity by country of birth. Still, quite a few Israel-born individuals noted their ancestry as ‘Israeli’, and accordingly could not be classified as Israelis of Ashkenazi or Sephardi origin. Over time, the proportion of the Israel-born in the United States who indicated their ancestry migration and settlement in the united states 33 as Israeli climbed from one-third in 1980 to more than half in 2000.

On the one hand, they are eager to adopt a bi-national identity—Israeli and American—and thereby benefit, depending on circumstances and changing personal needs, from both the opportunities and openness of American society and the warmth and intimacy of the Israeli community (Gold, 1992). On the other hand, by defining themselves as American Israelis, they confirm to themselves and those around them that their settlement in the United States is final (Shokeid, 1991; Mittelberg and Waters, 1992; Gold, 1992, Rosen, 1993; and Uriely, 1993).

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