By Leonard Unger, Jay Parini

ISBN-10: 0684312328

ISBN-13: 9780684312323

One of the 18 authors within the "Supplement" are Paul Auster, Robert Olen Butler, Peter Cameron, John Knowles, J.D. McClatchy, Ann Patchett and others.

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With a German reporter, however, Airplane reenacts, by choice, what was formerly forced upon her. Through sadomasochism, she finds new levels of self; however, the degree of agency she has is questionable, and it could be argued that loss of identity is a loss of power. Capitol’s struggles revolve around her career as a performance artist and her competition with her boyfriend and then husband, Harry. Her provocative work is met with reproach, and at the same time, Capitol grapples with the possibility of giving herself to Harry, for she sees love as a threat to her art.

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