By Higgins, Godfrey ESQ

The treasure of data bought during the research of languages is to free up the presents of antiquity. This booklet is an try to draw apart the veil of the "saitic isis" or an inquiry into the starting place of languages, international locations and religions.

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In this he states that the physicians study the Chaldaic language, in which their books on that science are written . This was the Chaldaic astrology, with which we know that medicine anciently was closely connected . 7 Father Georgius, the missionary, states, that the people of Tibet, or the Indian Scythians, have among them the Chaldean divinities . s Thus we have the Chaldee language both in North and South Colida of India. Mr. Wilson, in his preface, says, the Uriya or Urissa language is spoken in Cuttack .

Number XXV. Vol. XIII . ' • The Vedas have been mentioned before in Book III . Chap. I. Sect 8, and Chap . II. Sect. 9 . 15 Vol . I. p . 865. 766 Veda • entitled Gjdvid6n Chrad, i . e. the eternal Wisdom, which is older than all the writings of " Zoroaster, and ascribed to one of their kings called Hushang. "' Ja-Vedan is the Wisdom of Ja, or Je, or Jah. The Buddhists are said to have Vedahs as well as the Brahmins . The sacred books of most nations seem to have been called the books of wisdom.

I They were said to have come from Troy, whence every thing unknown was said to have come . I think they must have been either Gemini or Pisces . Creuzer says, a king of Italy, called Camises, Cameses, and Camasenus, married his sister ; and adds, that Camasene was une deesse on femme Poisson comme Atergatis . In fact, Camasene signifies, in old Greek, the Fishes. 9 I think it is impossible to doubt that we have here in Italy and Greece the Indian Cama ; and, if in this I am right, as the Sun entered Piscis 350 years before Christ, it is quite clear that the communication between the countries must have been very intimate, even up to that very late date ; so that after this time the Sanscrit may have gone from one to the other.

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