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Following within the footsteps of DK's bestselling grownup name Animal, which bought in way over 2 million copies, Animals: a visible Encyclopedia unearths the wonders of the animal state to a more youthful readership.
• established by means of animal staff with separate entries for each amazing kind of animal, from ants and aardvarks to wasps and wallabies
• truth documents supply key info on habit, distribution, nutrition, and conservation issues
• motion images finds wild animals interacting of their local habitats and places average habit in context
• Highlights animals probably to fireside the mind's eye of younger minds: the deadliest, the biggest, the friendliest, the quickest, and the downright strangest

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Includes complete TOC and looks a retail replica. uncertain, so no longer labelled as such.

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U BABIES The world’s largest rodent, the capybara, usually has one litter a year, with five young. Most smaller rodents have more offspring. ). GOOD SENSES Most rodents have excellent senses of smell and hearing. They also have sensitive whiskers. They use their senses to find their way around, find food, and also to be alert to predators. Nocturnal species, such as the dormouse, have large eyes for seeing in the dark. I need to put on weight. The dormouse hibernates from October through to April.

46 RODENTS Brown rat Long-tailed field mouse Long-tailed chinchilla Rattus norvegicus Apodemus sylvaticus Chinchilla lanigera 3 ■ Length 11 in (28 cm) Weight 20 oz (575 g) ■ Location Worldwide, except polar regions ■ 10 ■ ■ ■ ■ Length 4 in (11 cm) Weight 1 oz (30 g) ■ Location Western Europe to western and central Asia The field mouse is a fast and agile mouse. It lives mainly in woods and fields, but can be found in most habitats that are not too wet. Its food changes with the seasons—seeds in winter, buds in spring, caterpillars and grubs in summer, and fruit and fungi in the fall.

With its large ears and eyes, and bushy tail, this animal is a perfect example of a bushbaby. It can leap as far as 16½ ft (5 m) using its long back legs. As well as having good senses of smell, hearing, and sight, the Senegal bushbaby has a good sense of touch. It can even catch flying insects in its hands! Golden angwantibo White-footed sportive lemur Arctocebus aureus Lepilemur leucopus MAMMALS 13 Length 6 in (16 cm) Tail 9 in (23 cm) ■ Weight 9 oz (250 g) ■ Location Western Africa 7 ■ Length 12 in (30 cm) Tail ½ in (1 cm) ■ Weight 17 oz (475 g) ■ Location Western Africa ■ ■ ■ The golden angwantibo is nocturnal and largely solitary.

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