By Robin Chittenden

A Golden consultant ® FROM ST. MARTIN'S PRESS
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Some of the main mind-blowing and awe-inspiring predators in the world, the raptors, or birds of prey have captivated us for hundreds of years. This Golden advisor from St. Martin's Press deals a desirable examine those excellent birds.

* Covers all raptors, together with hawks, eagles, vultures, falcons, and owls
* looking techniques, migration, habitats, and more
* Wings, eyesight, and different outstanding adaptations

Includes easy-to-understand and concise textual content, in addition to attractive full-color illustrations of the global species of raptors.

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107 Facultative prealternate molts are those whereby feathers acquired are similar in appearance to those shed (as in tyrant-flycatchers and wrens). These molts tend to be highly variable in extent, even within a species, and reflect the replacement of feathers that become heavily worn, such as tertials, central tail feathers, and some head feathers. Obli­ gate prealternate molts are those whereby feathers acquired are obviously different in color or pattern from those they replace, as in a Western Sandpiper or male Scarlet Tanager.

B e ca u se im m ature birds are not involved in breeding, their prebasic m olt o c c u rs ea rlie r than the adult prebasic molt, w hich h e lp s explain w hy this bird a p p e a rs to have finished its m olt w h e re a s the a du lts are still m olting Imperial County, CA, 19 July 2008. Steve N. G. Howell. OF M O L T S T R A T E G I E S As a rule, simplicity precedes complexity. For ex­ ample, dugouts preceded cruise ships as a means of ferrying people around, and caves preceded apartment buildings as places for humans to live.

Thus, all species of birds have one complete—or ostensibly complete—molt per cycle: the prebasic molt, producing basic plum­ age. Typically this repeating pattern of adult molts (known as the definitive cycle97) starts when a bird is about 1 year of age. In the first year of life, however, there can be novel molts and plumages that lack counterparts in the adult cycle and serve to bring the young bird “up to speed” with the adult schedule. These plum­ ages may be downy (such as chick and nestling stages) or nondowny (juvenile plumage and any subsequent novel plumages).

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